Readings by Lisa
Lisa M Lanno
Intuitive Spirit Medium
Lisa is available for:
Private & Semi-Private Readings
Mediumship, Intuitive/Tarot, Email Tarot & Handwriting
Analysis.  Past life regressions & Connections with Spirit Guides
are also offered, as well as "Pet Connections"
Menu w/Pricing
Private - 1 Person  -  Semi-Private - 2 - 4 *
In-person (S. Hadley, MA location), Phone, FB Video Msngr,

*Mediumship - Connect with loved ones who have passed
(including pets).  Hear validations & receive their messages.

*Intuitive/Psychic - with and/or without Tarot Cards
Ask about your Life Path: Money, Love, Family, Direction, etc.

*Pet Connections - You can have a separate reading if preferred.  
Connect with pets who have passed, info on living pets as well.  

*Past Life Regression - Helping you to discover who you were.  
Many questions can be answered about this life by learning about
your past.  (Unexplained fears/attractions & even birth marks)

*Meet Your Guide(s) - Helping you to find & connect with your
own Spirit Guide(s)

*Handwriting Analysis - See Instructions & Info Below

All Readings are audio recorded for you

If you are going to be late for your appointment, please call the office.  If
you need to reschedule, are lost or late please call (413-532-5647) Things
happen - sick kids, flat tires, etc
No call/No show will result in loss of
deposit.  Reschedule would need to be paid in full
Forms of payment:
Credit/Debit/Paypal - Check (10 days prior to reading) to:
Lisa Lanno - 16 Miller Ave. South Hadley, MA 01075
(Also address for So. Hadley, MA location)
Cash or CC- Day of reading

Online Purchases
Click the "Buy Now" button.  Quantity can be changed & updated.
Gift Certificates:  Choose the reading you want & purchase
(Gift Certificates are Non-Refundable.  They are transferable.  
Private & Semi-Private-$20                     Balance-Priv-$110
                                                          Balance-1/2 hr-$60

Readings-One-Half Hour - $90
Readings-Pay In Full - ONE HOUR
For Phone/Skype Readings Only
Private: One Person   -   $130

Semi-Private: 2 People - $145

Semi-Private: 3 People - $170                

For a party of 4 - please select the 1 1/2 hour reading. There is simply not
enough time in an hour to get to the needs of   everyone.  Thank you.

Readings-Pay In Full - ONE & ONE HALF HOUR
Phone, Skype & Gift Certificates Readings Only

Private: One Person   -   $170

Semi-Private: 2 People - $195

Semi-Private: 3 People - $225

Semi-Private: 4 People - $240*

Semi-Private Readings are a "time-share".  You are together for the reading.
*Family groups ONLY.  If you wish to connect with the same people, this
will work.  If everyone wants individual readings, one-hour is simply not
enough time.
Email Readings - Intuitive Tarot or Handwriting
Card Images Included
 More Info About Tarot

Simply ask your question.  Results will be emailed back to you        
with images of each card.
**I may use a Rune as well for extra advice!**

Full Tarot  - 11 Card Minimum with clarifier(s) if needed
This may encompass more than one aspect of your life, your             
concerns, or, detail about one aspect of your life.

One Question Mini - 4 Card Minimum with clarifier(s) if needed
One aspect of your life with one question.
Ex: "Will this new job work out?"  "Will I sell my home soon?"
"Is this new guy/gal good for me?"  
(One question please)

Full Tarot Reading  -  $90

One Question Tarot - $50
"One question" can encompass quite a bit & give you much info!  

Handwriting Analysis
Instructions:  Please write/print (the way you usually do) a full    
paragraph, on UNLINED paper and sign your name. Include the
pronoun, "I", three times.  What you write does not matter. Scan or
send via mail to:  16 Miller Ave, South Hadley, MA  01075.

Sending samples for someone else:  If you cannot get a full sample,
you  can send me what you have.  Writing inside a card, note, etc, on
unlined paper is best.  Do
not include business charts.

You will receive a full analysis back via email.  
Full Analysis - $65

Mini Analysis - $45
Other Amount
To type in your own amount, please click the
"Sun" Tarot Card, on the right.
A deposit of $20 is required to secure an appointment.