Lisa M Lanno
Intuitive Spirit Medium
Events & Fund Raisers
Workshops & More
Messages from the Other Side
Random Readings for audience in a gallery setting.
Lots of audience participation
*Connections with loved ones who have passed (pets too)
*Receive their validations & messages
*Psychic Question Segment
Audience members chosen randomly may ask a psychic question
If you need a fundraiser, please contact
Denise at 413-310-4100.  Organizations,
groups & even individuals with very
difficult circumstances.

Fri, Sept 29 7:00-9:00 North Branford, CT
Fundraiser - All the Kings Horses Equine Rescue
"Helping abandoned, abused & neglected HORSES
Messages from the Other Side
                                 Info on FB Lisa Lanno
Tix $30
Raffles, including a Reading w/Lisa - Cash Bar, light refreshments

WORTH Fundraiser
Open from 6:00-10:00 pm
Messages from the Other Side
Oct 14, 2017 7:00-9:00pm
"Helping every day people in need"
From food to fuel assistance & much more
WORTH detailed info
Info also on FB: Lisa Lanno  TiX: $30
Raffles, including a Reading w/Lisa - Cash Bar, light refreshments.

New Britain Quartet Club - FUNDRAISER
Messages from the Other Side
Pasta Dinner Included
(Cash Bar Available) All ages-21 to drink
Sat, Oct 28, 2017 - 7-9 for messages-Doors at 5:50
"Helping our Veterans, Scholarships, Autism & more
Tix $30  Raffles, including a Reading w/Lisa

Recent past events
Bounti Fare Restaurant in Adams, MA
Fundraiser - WALK for the Cure!
Help "Sharon's Sneaker Crew"
Remembering Amanda (Plasse) for boys/girls club

Starting up again
Two & a Half Hours of very interactive communications, with
time after for chat & snacks.  All workshops are 2 1/2 hrs, plus a
snack time after to socialize.  $10 deposit online & $25 at class.  

Trying to keep all classes 10 or under.  

Workshop #2 - Tarot
Sat, Aug 27. 2:30-5:00 (stay after class for refreshments)
Curious about Tarot Cards?  How do they really work?  Can
anyone learn?

You'll be so surprised at what you can do!  You may want to
learn just for fun or perhaps you'll be "called", as I was, to be a
Bring a deck, or use one of mine.  We'll get to really understand
HOW the cards work, not just what they mean. Very interactive
We're keeping this class down in number, as it is a more intense
class.  If we want to give everyone a chance to read (if they
want to) there has to be enough time

Workshop #7 - Ghost Hunting
New!  Ghost Hunting (for the non ghost hunter!)
Saturday, Sept 10 - 2:30-5:00 (& goodie time after)
Many people have, or think they have visitors and just as many
questions.  Are these Spirit Relatives?  Ghosts?  Some natural
occurrence?  We need to know at least WHAT is going on & how
to deal with it.

Although the Team (GONE Paranormal) & I will investigate for
you, it is a free service, so we have limited availability.

My goal is to help YOU learn how to help yourself & if we need to
come in, we will. may want to experience a GHOST HUNT with the team
& me! Play with & learn the equipment.  Trust me, this

won't be boring!  

Messages in your PJs (date tba)
Intimate gallery style event in the comfort
of your own home.
Great for those who live out of my area & can't get to events

Connect with loved ones who have passed
Random readings for a very limited audience
Come in your pj's if you want!
Event conducted through Zoom Video Conferencing
Only u
p to 20 people.