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Below is a series of workshops to help with your intuition.  
These classes are for everyone, whether psychic or not.
This series of workshops has small, intimate groups (8-10).  It is
completely interactive with no pressure on anyone who does not want to
participate in any exercise.  Workshops are for anyone, psychic or not &
will help everyone tap into their own intuition.  We are ALL psychic to
some degree!
Take any or all workshops.  
Workshop #1 is recommended so that we are all on the same page, but
not necessary.
Workshops are 2 1/2 hours.  Stay after for refreshments & socializing.
$35 p/p - - $10 deposit - - $25 the day of

Workshop #1 Increase Your Intuition (part 1)
Saturday, Sept 22, 2018 2:00-4:00 PM
16 Miller Ave, South Hadley, MA 01075
Part 2 will be more in-depth.  You do not need to take Part 2 if you
are satisfied with Part 1.  You WILL learn a lot.
More Info  Deposit-$10  

Workshop #1  - Increase Your Intuition
You will be surprised at your own abilities, as we go over various
exercises!  By the end of class, we have people reading others who have
never done it before.  This workshop will benefit anyone, as Intuition
helps in our every day lives.

Workshop #2 - Tarot & the Pendulum
How does Tarot work and what can it do for you and others?  Find out
with exercises; "tune in" to others and try a reading yourself.  We'll go
over the Pendulum, how it works & how to use it properly.  Bring your
deck or use mine.

Workshop #3 - Spirit Guides & Our Life Path
Meet your Preliminary &/or Secondary Guides; learn how to
communicate with them & what they can do for you.  What is your Life
Path?  Why are bad things in our life?  We'll figure it all out!

Workshop #4 - Auras & Angels
We'll explore the energy of Auras & how to read them.  Yes, you CAN do
it!  We'll find out the purpose of Angels in our lives & which Angel does
what.  A very spiritual class.

Workshop #5-Past Lives, Past Life Trauma, Healing from Past Life
Trauma & Health
We'll explore possibilities of our maladies in this life that just could be
from past lives & how to heal from them.  Who were you in a past life or
more than one?  We will find out as well as how to heal yourself &
others.  I will do some healing wit
h you.

Sunday, Feb 18, 2018
Workshop #6 - Ghosts & the Paranormal (Ghost Hunting 101!)
Do you have unseen visitors in your home or in a place you have visited?  
Are you sensitive to them, seeing shadows, hearing voices, noises, etc.  
These are most likely ghosts, rather than Grandma or Grandpa.  We'll go
over the equipment and "play" with it, as well as how to safely ghost
hunt.  I'll share some creepy ghostly voices as well as photos, etc.
Requirements:  NONE - Just keep time open after class for refreshments!
All Workshops are
2 1/2 hours & $30 p/p - $10 deposit online, $20 after class at
Held in South Hadley, MA at my house; 16 Miller Ave.,
Smoke free environment by not pet free.  Little dogs & an outdoor/indoor kitty
DEPOSIT - Ghost Hunting - Sunday, Feb 18, 2018
Lisa M Lanno
Intuitive Spirit Medium