What is a Medium

A Medium is the person in the middle of
this world & the "Other Side".

"I can hear at a different frequency (sort of like a dog!).  Spirits validate
themselves in various ways, including their ailments, descriptions, a
scenario & much more!  Sometimes it's clear - other times, I have to
figure out the puzzle."

What is a Psychic?
"Psychics come in many flavors.  Some will tell you who you
will marry in 20 years.  Others predict world disasters.

My calling seems to mainly be
Life Guidance.  My readings will help you on
your Life Path, giving
you room to make your own decisions along the
way. I don't like to be TOLD what to do, or what WILL hap
pen.  I'd like
some say in the matter.  That is how I read for you."

"Until very recently; January, 2020, I rarely predicted natural disasters/whether it would hit
someplace or not, or wold disasters.  Didn't want to!  Lately, things have been popping
into my head.  I guess the
Universe has other ideas!" Lisa
Handwriting Analysis

Your handwriting defines you & what you are REALLY like. It is your "brain print" and like
a fingerprint, every one is different.  It doesn't matter if you are right/left handed, if you
"write" or "print"; I can tell you all about  yourself and/or SOMEONE ELSE!

Great tool for hiring. Pet/baby/elderly sitters; house cleaners, pet walkers, tutors, etc.  
Traits such as
CAN be detected.  

Is your significant other
cheating? Is he/she the right one for you? Is she/he stable or
UNSTABLE! Is he/she
SAFE around your kids/pets?  These are things you NEED to know
& CAN.  You may avoid a disaster, or feel confident
in moving forward

Connections with loved ones who have passed
(including your pets)

Receive Messages, Validations, Closure & Comfort
Individual & semi-private readings*, TV, Radio, Fundraisers &
Gallery events  *See "Readings" & "Events" for more info.

*Intuitive/Psychic Readings
Guidance on your Life Path - Home, Love, Family, Health, Finance
With and/or Without Tarot

*Past Life Regressions - & Healing from past life trauma
Past Life Trauma can affect us now.  Our fears, phobias, & panic  may
be caused from something we experienced before.  I will help you find
the answers.  

Help tune into your abilities - whether you are psychic or not
1-Increase Your Intuition - - 2-Tarot & the Pendulum
3-Spirit Guides & Your Life Path - - 4-Auras & Angels
5-Past Lives, Healing from Past Life Trauma (general healing)
6-Ghosts & the Paranormal - Advanced classes in the fall

*Handwriting Analysis

Understand your personality traits & those of others.  Helps to
understand yourself better, your relationships, your jobs.
Alerts you to "sneaky" traits of those you may want to hire.

Paranormal Investigations
*To help with the unexplained, Ghostly Visitors
Lisa Lanno, Founder, GONE Paranormal on FB

Lisa is also the Author of the
Children's Mystery/Adventure Novel, "The Secret Cave"
& "Dial Me Naked" (under Maria DeStafano)
Lisa Maria Lanno
Psychic Spirit Medium "Seer"
Paranormal Researcher/Handwriting Analyst
She works with TV, Radio, Fund Raisers, Gallery Events,
Individual & Group Readings Missing/Murdered Cases.

Founder-GONE Paranormal-Ghosts?
Workshops & Free FB Messages
Contact Info

Public Figure
Lisa M Lanno & GONE Paranormal
666 are the first letters of my
US drivers license!
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